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Terms and conditions.

When you sign up on our website www.onlinedhp.com, it is implied that you accept the following Terms and Conditions at the time of sign up.

Please acknowledge that we are not a university or accredited institute awarding a Degree / Diploma.

  1. Our online courses and books are solely produced to deliver knowledge and are not intended to replace accredited training in homeopathy or the respective medical field.
  2. We do not take any responsibility if you treat patients based on this content.
  3. Reading our books or going through our online course does not entitle you practice. For that matter, you need to be a qualified homoeopath in your respective country to be entitled the certificate of practice.
  4. Opinions of various speakers on their respective subjects is their own – DHP does not in any way take responsibility for their views.

All disputes and arbitrations are subject to Amravati jurisdiction only.

Copyright Policy


The contents of our books and online courses are having copyrights, solely vested with the author/speaker and Dynamis Homoeopathic Publishers.

Any students -members – participants availing access to these online courses upon payment of stipulated fees or otherwise in any capacity hereby agree to keep the material only with themselves and as an individual only and not to divulge it in any print /copy to any of media platforms /format or by email or through internet etc. it will be a punishable act in case of any breach of above specified terms.

The access is meant for individual only and no group can be formed to study and avail learning by way of single access. All participant/s are supposed to abide strictly to these terms. Management reserves to de-active access at any point of time if any irregularity is observed on above account without any refund irrespective of the term availed / to be availed.

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